“...Wow i personally think this is the best place ever in food and service!!!! Everyone is so friendly, the food is soooooo good!!!!!”

- Alba
Wilmington, CA
"€œ...Great place to eat. Variety of food to choose from. Perfect location on western by shopping centers. Must try if you haven't."

- Lucia S.
San PEdro, CA
"€œThere's only a few places that really know how to hit the spot with their breakfast, most of the time it's either too much or too little but this place is just perfect for that occasion. The prices are excellent and the meals are filling. I can assure you. There will be no leftovers."

- Jesus C.
San Pedro, CA
"...Who goes to a burger joint and orders tacos? I do! And they did not disappoint. I had a chicken and a carne asada taco and they were very fresh and flavorful...and huge! I enjoyed them very much."

- Joey D.
Hawthorne, CA
"...Whenever I visit this location it's because I'm in the mood for a burger , and trust me they make them perfectly. The avocado bacon burger is my favorite and even though I'm a big guy this fulfills my appetite. Haven't really tried anything else on the menu, but I highly recommend the burgers."

- David A.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA